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BIYORK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Product Questions

Are Your Floors Safe?

Our floors are certified to the highest standards including a rigorous and extensive testing measure from SCS Global awarding our floors with the Floor Score certification.

In 2021, BIYORK has also incorporated Anti-Bacterial coating on all new flooring products which provides extensive protection from the spread of the three major bacterias. 

What is UnderTone™?

UnderTone™ is an added feature on our main HydroGen line (HydroGen 5, HydroGen 6, HydroGen 7) which is an attached underlay pad that provides numerous advantages and benefits.

Firstly, it helps provide comfort. By having a soft, cushioned pad so every step you take will feel extremely comfortable.

Secondly, UnderTone™ is a silent feature that cuts the sound of footsteps down. It dampens vibrations resulting in a much quieter experience.

What is True Touch Texture™?

True Touch Texture™ is an innovative feature where feeling is believing.

Our HydroGen floors not only gain some of Nature's best designs, but also allows you to feel it. The top layer is designed with True Touch grooves that mimic the feeling of a natural floor. 

I Have Pets. Does Hardwood Scratch Easily?

In a nutshell, yes. Hardwood is a natural material used from nature and despite a variety of different hardness levels (Janka Hardness), wood will scratch.

However, if you would like to retain nature's designs but with a better scratch resistant wear layer*, perhaps check out our HydroGen WaterProof Series Floors.

*Please note that scratches can occur depending on a number of different situations and nothing is scratch proof. For more info, please refer to our warranty guide in our resource page.

Will Your Hardwood Floors Work With Heated Floors?

A lot of consumers do not know that they can actually increase comfort of their floors by adding Radiant Heating underneath their floors for that cozy and toasty feeling. 

Although most of our floors are Hydronic Radiant Heat Compatible, some species are not. In most cases, Hickory is not compatible. Please refer to the installation instructions or consult with your BIYORK partner/dealer for more information.

Do I Have To Glue Floors Down?

In most cases, gluing down your floors is an option but not the only option. Our floors can be installed with numerous ways but we recommend reviewing our Installation Guidelines for your specific  Collection from our Resources Page.

Do You Sell Matching Stains For Your Floors?

Unfortunately, at this moment, we do not supply matching stains. However, we are looking at providing this option in the future.

I'm a Contractor. May I Buy Directly From You?

Although we do not supply contractors directly at this time, please contact us at or check out out Partner Portal and we can provide multiple partners that can assist you with your projects.

I'm a Consumer. May I Buy Direct From You?

Unfortunately, we do not deal directly with end-users. However, we do partner with the best retailers and dealers all over Canada. Simply check out our Partner Portal or you can reach out to or phone us at 905.955.5999 and we can direct you to the nearest dealers in your area.

What is the Core of your Nouveau Engineered Hardwood?

Our Nouveau Collection's inner core uses our MultiPly technology which consists of a multi-ply core for increased strength and flexibility within changes in temperature and seasons. 

What Is Your Product Warranty?

Warranty for our products range depending on the product. Please refer to the "Resources Library" section for individual warranty information depending on your purchased product.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We always aim to make sure our customers love our products and sometimes, things happen and you'd like to issue a return. In this case, You would need to reach out to the retailer where the floors were originally purchased from and we will work with the retailer directly to ensure the best case scenario.

There are exceptions to note. Once the floor has been installed, returns are NOT accepted; so we highly encourage everyone to check their floors before installing. 

I'm A Floor Geek and Would Like To Check Out The Technical Data On Your Floors. Where Can I Find It?

For all Technical Data information, You can refer to our  "Resources Library" page for all the specification information you need for our floors.

Can HydroGen Floors Handle A Cottage Setting?

Absolutely! Our HydroGen Floors are designed to be Truly WaterProof and cottages are great places to install HydroGen.

Introducing Anti-Bacterial Floors

What Exactly Is Anti-Bacterial Floors?

In 2021, BIYORK took a step further towards a safer home by introducing Anti-Bacterial coating on BIYORK's main line of products in both Nouveau and HydroGen. 

Our AntiBacterial coating is an additive layer that contains traces of silver and antimicrobial substances that prevent the further growth of the three major bacterias. This additional layer of coating will remain active at all times and is expected to last the lifetime of the floor product.

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Bacterial Flooring?

Adding this extra layer of protection is beneficial to every space BIYORK floors is installed in. Without affecting the finish or colour of your floors, Our AntiBacterial coating adds a layer of protection within ever step bringing another step closer to a safer home.

Which BIYORK Collections Feature Anti-Bacterial?

We have started rolling out our AntiBacterial production starting with Nouveau 7, Nouveau 8, HydroGen 7, HydroGen 6 and HydroGen 5. Make sure to ask your dealer if the batch you are looking to buy features our AntiBacterial Coating.

BIYORK Sample Ordering

How Do I Order A Sample?

Simply browse our catalog, click on the colour you like and click on the 'Add To Card" button.

Your set of chosen samples will then be displayed from a pop-out of your screen where you can choose to increase the quantity of your samples or simply checkout.

*Samples are used for Colour Reference Only. Maximum 10 Samples Per Address.
BIYORK Reserves The Right To Reject/Refuse Sample Orders.

What Is The Size Of A Sample?

Normally, we cut a length of 8 - 10inches x the Width of the product you want to look at. A quick breakdown on widths are provided below:

Nouveau 6 + 6 Clic - 6-1/2 Inch Wide

Nouveau 7 - 7-1/2 Inch Wide

Nouveau 8 - 8-1/2 Inch Wide

HydroGen 5 - 7 Inch Wide

HydroGen 6 (Plank) - 7 Inch Wide

HydroGen 6 (Tile) - 12 Inch Wide

HydroGen 7 - 9 Inch Wide Plank 

How Soon Can I Expect My Order?

We try to accommodate as best as we can but due to high volume in sample requests, it may take 2-4 days to ship it to you. We recommend keeping your tracking number handy to check on the status of your order.