We at BIYORK understand the importance of a safe and clean home. With recent breakthroughs in innovation, we have implemented a process to apply a special layer of anti-bacterial coating on our floor surface. With this specialized layer, our flooring prevents the spread of major bacteria, making the foundation of your home safer.  


What exactly is BIYORK’s antibacterial coating? 

Our antibacterial coating is an additive layer that contains traces of silver and antimicrobial substances that prevent the further growth of the three major bacteria. This additional layer of coating will always remain active and can last the lifetime of the floor product. 


What are the benefits of antibacterial coating on floors? 

Anti-bacterial coating on floor surfaces provides a significant advantage by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of infections, and promoting a healthier environment. Additionally, this coating contributes to easier cleaning and maintenance, enhancing overall hygiene and well-being in both residential and commercial spaces. 


BIYORK Collections with Antibacterial Coating 


Safety and Quality, Assured 

In addition to testing in-house lab, all our products go through stringent examination with recognized independent institutions such as SCS Global to achieve FloorScore® certification.